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General Cleaning

George's Chimneys provides clients in Dublin, Wicklow, Offaly, Westmeath, Meath, Kilkenny and Laois with a range of general cleaning services.

Our professional and cost-effective cleaning services help keep private and public spaces clean and tidy to ensure working and living environments are a safe and enjoyable place to spend time in.

Our services are suitable for:

  • Windows

  • Gutters

  • Houses

  • Offices

  • Schools

Ensure your staff have a clean and tidy office to work in

General Cleaning Kildare & Dublin

We specialise in school, office, house, gutter and window cleaning throughout Dublin and Kildare and work in both commercial and domestic properties.

Scheduling regular cleaning will ensure your business or home is maintained to the highest standards while also providing an inviting environment for customers and loved ones to visit.

Keeping on top of gutter and window cleaning will make properties more energy efficient and will provide additional cleanliness to a school, office or house.

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