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For the very best in Kildare Fire Place Installation, get in contact with George’s Chimneys today.

Fire Place Installation Kildare

George’s Chimneys have years of experiencing in providing the very best in Kildare fire place installation. Our expert team of fire place installations offer cost-effective installations that never compromise on quality.
By combining our expertise to offer gas fire installations and solid fuel fire place installations.
Not sure what fire place is right for the aesthetic of your property? Our fire place expert can recommend the right type of fire place for the size considerations, budget concerns and interior design of your property. To schedule a consultation with our fire place installation Kildare team, please get in contact with us today.

For professional, experience and cost-effective fire place installation Kildare services, get in contact with us today.

Why Choose George’s Chimneys for your fire place installation


We have years of experience offering the highest standard of fireplace installation.


Our team of fireplace installation experts operate to the highest standards of professionalism. We ensure a smooth and efficient installation.


Our efficient work practices mean we can offer clients the best fireplace installations at competitive market rates.

For professional, experienced and cost-effective fireplace installation Kildare services, contact George’s Chimneys today.

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