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Chimney Repairs – Fire Place installation – Stove Installation

Chimney Cleaning Booking

Reasons to Clean and Inspect your Chimney Before Winter:


Reduce the risk of a house fire & carbon monoxide poisoning
Removes any chimney pests & obstructions
Increase the lifespan of your fireplace & prevent expensive repairs
Improve fireplace efficiency
Increase the lifespan of the flue liner
Keep up with home insurance requirements
Discover any hidden damages or structural problems 

For fast, professional and cost-effective chimney repairs get in contact with George’s Chimneys today.

Chimney Repairs – Fire Place installation – Stove Installation

George’s Chimneys provides clients all over Dublin, Wicklow, Offaly, Westmeath, Meath, Kilkenny and Laois with professional Chimney repair and chimney construction services.
Our clients can be assured of a personal, one-to-one service that proprieties their chimney needs. Our customer service and the quality and reliability of our craftsmanship have made us one of Leinster’s most trusted chimney repair companies.

We provide:

  • Re-aligning

  • Chimney Repair

  • CCTV Chimney Inspection

  • Power Brush Chimney Cleaning

  • Stove Installation

  • Fireplace Installation

  • Insurance Claim Chimney Services

Our team of Chimney experts use the very latest in CCTV technology to assess the competency of a chimney. Our inspection can identify issues early, and take the necessary steps to repair the problem and prevent further deterioration.

Stove Fitting


For top-notch professional stove installation services, get in touch with George's Chimneys right away. Our stove experts have decades of experience fitting various stove types. Our blend of extensive expertise and cutting-edge equipment ensures that your stoves are installed to the highest professional standards.

Stove Fitting

For more information on our professional Chimney Inspection service, Get in contact with George’s Chimneys today.